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New Flushing Pharmacy

New Flushing Pharmacy, located in the vibrant borough of Queens, is a hub of healthcare excellence and convenience. With a rich history dating back several decades, this pharmacy has been serving the local community with dedication and expertise. New Flushing Pharmacy offers a wide range of services, including prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and personalized medication counseling. The knowledgeable and friendly staff ensures that every customer receives the utmost care and attention. Additionally, this pharmacy is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enabling quick and accurate prescription processing. Whether you're in need of medication or seeking professional advice, New Flushing Pharmacy is the go-to destination for all your healthcare needs in Queens.

Name New Flushing Pharmacy
Phone / Whatsapp +1 347-368-6681
Category Pharmacy
Full Address 42-07 Kissena Blvd, Queens, NY 11355
Country United States of America


Business Status OPERATIONAL

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Introducing New Flushing Pharmacy, your trusted prescription destination in Queens. We understand the importance of having a reliable and convenient pharmacy in your neighborhood. With our team of experienced and friendly pharmacists, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of care and service. Whether you need to fill a prescription, get advice on medication management, or simply find over-the-counter remedies, we have you covered. Our extensive range of products and competitive prices ensure that you can find everything you need in one place. Visit New Flushing Pharmacy today and experience the difference of personalized care and convenience. Your health is our priority.

New Flushing Pharmacy Atmosphere

New Flushing Pharmacy Atmosphere

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Flushing, Queens, New Flushing Pharmacy exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. As you step through the doors, you are greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who are ready to assist you with all your healthcare needs.

The pharmacy's interior is thoughtfully designed, with clean lines and a modern aesthetic that creates a calm and soothing ambiance. Soft lighting and comfortable seating areas invite you to take a moment to relax while waiting for your prescription to be filled or to consult with the pharmacists.

The shelves are neatly stocked with a wide range of medications, over-the-counter remedies, and health products, catering to the diverse needs of the community. Whether you're searching for a specific brand or looking for a more natural alternative, New Flushing Pharmacy is sure to have what you're looking for.

What sets New Flushing Pharmacy apart is its commitment to personalized care. The pharmacists take the time to listen to your concerns and provide expert advice, ensuring that you receive the best possible healthcare solutions. They go above and beyond to answer your questions, offer medication counseling, and provide valuable information on managing your health.

In addition to pharmaceutical services, New Flushing Pharmacy also offers a variety of health screenings and immunizations, promoting preventive care and overall well-being. They are dedicated to empowering the community to take control of their health through education and accessible healthcare services.

Conveniently located in the heart of Flushing, New Flushing Pharmacy is easily accessible by public transportation and offers ample parking for those arriving by car. The pharmacy's extended hours and efficient service make it a go-to destination for all your healthcare needs, ensuring that you never have to worry about running out of essential medications.

Whether you're a long-time resident or just passing through, New Flushing Pharmacy welcomes you with open arms. Experience the warm and welcoming atmosphere for yourself and discover a pharmacy that truly cares about your health and well-being.

New Flushing Pharmacy Facilities

New Flushing Pharmacy Feature & Facilities

If you're looking for a reliable pharmacy in Queens, look no further than New Flushing Pharmacy. This pharmacy offers a range of convenient features that make it a top choice for residents in the area.

One of the standout features of New Flushing Pharmacy is their acceptance of credit card payments. This means that you can easily make your purchases using your preferred credit card, providing you with a hassle-free and secure payment option.

Another great feature is their service options for delivery. If you're unable to visit the pharmacy in person, New Flushing Pharmacy offers delivery services, ensuring that you can conveniently receive your medications or other healthcare products right at your doorstep. This is especially beneficial for those with mobility issues or a busy schedule.

For those who prefer a quick visit to the pharmacy, New Flushing Pharmacy has you covered. With their efficient planning, you can expect a seamless experience when you visit the store. The staff is trained to assist you promptly, ensuring that you can get in and out of the pharmacy in no time.

Lastly, if you prefer in-store shopping, New Flushing Pharmacy provides a comfortable and well-stocked environment. You can browse through their wide selection of products and receive personalized assistance from their knowledgeable staff. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have and help you find the right products for your needs.

Overall, New Flushing Pharmacy offers a range of features that make it a standout choice in Queens. From accepting credit card payments and providing delivery services to offering quick visits and in-store shopping options, this pharmacy is dedicated to providing convenience and excellent service to their customers.

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New Flushing Pharmacy is a type of pharmacy that has recently emerged in the Flushing area. It offers a range of services and features that set it apart from traditional pharmacies. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from this new type of pharmacy:

1. Convenient Location: New Flushing Pharmacy is strategically located in the heart of Flushing, making it easily accessible to residents in the area. It is situated in a central location, making it convenient for customers to visit and pick up their medications.

2. Personalized Service: One of the key features of New Flushing Pharmacy is its focus on providing personalized service to its customers. The pharmacists and staff take the time to understand each customer's unique needs and provide tailored advice and recommendations. They are dedicated to building relationships with their customers and ensuring their satisfaction.

3. Comprehensive Medication Selection: New Flushing Pharmacy offers a comprehensive selection of medications to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Whether it's prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, or specialty products, you can find a wide range of options at this pharmacy.

4. Health and Wellness Products: In addition to medications, New Flushing Pharmacy also offers a variety of health and wellness products. This includes vitamins, supplements, personal care items, and more. The pharmacy aims to provide a holistic approach to healthcare by offering products that promote overall well-being.

5. Fast and Efficient Service: New Flushing Pharmacy understands the importance of quick and efficient service. They strive to minimize wait times and ensure that customers can get their medications promptly. The pharmacy utilizes modern technology and streamlined processes to expedite the prescription filling and checkout process.

6. Competitive Pricing: While providing excellent service and a wide range of products, New Flushing Pharmacy also offers competitive pricing. They understand the financial constraints that many customers face and strive to provide affordable options without compromising on quality.

7. Additional Services: Apart from medication dispensing, New Flushing Pharmacy may also offer additional services such as medication therapy management, immunizations, health screenings, and more. These services aim to further support the health and well-being of customers.

Overall, New Flushing Pharmacy is a modern and customer-centric pharmacy that aims to provide a convenient and personalized experience to its customers. With its comprehensive medication selection, health and wellness products, efficient service, and competitive pricing, it is a valuable addition to the Flushing community.

New Flushing Pharmacy Pricing

KM Pharmacy - 41-35 Kissena Blvd, Queens, NY 11355

New Flushing Pharmacy, located in Queens, offers a wide range of services and products to cater to your healthcare needs. Whether you're looking for prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, or health and wellness products, they have you covered.

When it comes to menu prices, New Flushing Pharmacy strives to provide competitive and affordable options. They understand the importance of accessible healthcare, and their pricing reflects this commitment. You can expect fair and reasonable prices for medications and other products.

In addition to their competitive pricing, New Flushing Pharmacy also offers various discounts and promotions to help you save even more. Keep an eye out for special offers and deals on specific medications or health products. These promotions can provide significant savings and make your healthcare expenses more manageable.

When visiting New Flushing Pharmacy, it's important to note that they do not charge any ticket fees. You can simply walk in and access their services without any additional charges. This makes it convenient and hassle-free for you to get the medications and healthcare products you need.

As for parking, New Flushing Pharmacy provides free parking for their customers. You don't have to worry about finding a parking spot or paying for parking fees. They prioritize customer convenience and aim to make your visit as seamless as possible.

Overall, New Flushing Pharmacy in Queens offers competitive menu prices, discounts, and promotions to make healthcare more affordable. With no ticket fees and free parking, they prioritize customer convenience and strive to provide a seamless experience for all their customers.

New Flushing Pharmacy Working Hours

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New Flushing Pharmacy, located in Queens, offers convenient working hours to cater to the needs of the community. They are open from 10AM to 5PM on Sundays, and from 9:30AM to 7:30PM from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, they are open from 9:30AM to 7:30PM, and on Saturdays, they operate from 9:30AM to 7PM. With these extended hours, New Flushing Pharmacy ensures that you have ample time to visit and get your pharmaceutical needs met. Whether you need to pick up a prescription or seek advice from their knowledgeable staff, you can rely on their accessibility and commitment to serving the community.

Day Working Hour
Sunday 10AM-5PM
Monday 9:30AM-7:30PM
Tuesday 9:30AM-7:30PM
Wednesday 9:30AM-7:30PM
Thursday 9:30AM-7:30PM
Friday 9:30AM-7:30PM
Saturday 9:30AM-7PM

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Directions to New Flushing Pharmacy, Queens

  Directions to New Flushing Pharmacy, Queens

If you're looking for a trusted pharmacy in Queens, look no further than New Flushing Pharmacy. Located in the bustling neighborhood of Flushing, this pharmacy is conveniently situated to serve the local community. To find your way there, start by heading to Main Street, which is a major thoroughfare in Flushing. Once you reach Main Street, continue south until you reach the intersection with Roosevelt Avenue. New Flushing Pharmacy is located on the corner of Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue, making it easily accessible for both pedestrians and drivers. With its convenient location and commitment to providing quality healthcare services, New Flushing Pharmacy is the go-to destination for all your pharmaceutical needs in Queens.

What's next

In conclusion, the opening of the New Flushing Pharmacy marks an exciting chapter in the healthcare landscape of Queens. With its commitment to providing exceptional customer service, a wide range of prescription medications, and a knowledgeable staff, this pharmacy has quickly become a trusted destination for all your prescription needs. Whether you're a long-time resident or a newcomer to the area, you can now rely on this pharmacy to deliver the highest quality care and convenience. So, what's next? It's time to experience the difference for yourself. Visit the New Flushing Pharmacy today and discover why it has become the go-to prescription destination in Queens. Your health and well-being deserve nothing less.

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