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Colorado Pet Fence ®

Colorado Pet Fence ® is a reputable fence contractor in Sedalia that specializes in providing innovative solutions for pet containment. With years of experience in the industry, they offer a wide range of high-quality fencing options to keep your furry friends safe and secure. What sets them apart is their expertise in invisible pet fencing, which uses advanced technology to create invisible boundaries for your pets. This allows your pets to roam freely within the designated area while keeping them away from potential hazards. Colorado Pet Fence ® is committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring the well-being of your pets.

Name Colorado Pet Fence ®
Website https://coloradopetfence.com/?utm_source=gbp
Phone / Whatsapp +1 303-725-4800
Category Fence contractor
Full Address 339 Pine Creek Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135
Country United States of America


Business Status OPERATIONAL
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If you're a pet owner in Sedalia, Colorado, you know how important it is to keep your furry friend safe and happy. One of the best ways to do that is by having a secure and reliable pet fence. But with so many options out there, how do you find the best fence contractor in Sedalia? Look no further than Colorado Pet Fence ®. With their years of experience and dedication to providing top-notch service, they are the go-to choice for pet owners in the area. From installation to maintenance, Colorado Pet Fence ® has you covered, ensuring that your pet can roam freely and safely in your yard. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your pet's security and happiness. Unlock the secret to a secure and happy pet with Colorado Pet Fence ®.

Colorado Pet Fence ® Atmosphere

Colorado Pet Fence ® Atmosphere

Colorado Pet Fence ® in Sedalia, Colorado is a haven for pet owners seeking the perfect solution to keep their furry companions safe and secure. As soon as you step onto the premises, you are greeted with a sense of tranquility and warmth. The air is filled with the soothing sounds of nature, creating a serene atmosphere that instantly puts both pets and their owners at ease.

The expansive grounds of Colorado Pet Fence ® are meticulously maintained, showcasing the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Lush green grass stretches as far as the eye can see, providing the perfect playground for pets to frolic and explore. Towering trees provide shade and shelter, offering a respite from the warm Colorado sun.

The staff at Colorado Pet Fence ® are not only passionate about pets, but also experts in their field. Their extensive knowledge and experience shine through in every interaction, as they provide personalized recommendations and guidance to ensure the best fencing solution for each individual pet. Their dedication to the well-being of pets is palpable, creating an environment of trust and reliability.

Walking through the facility, you will notice the state-of-the-art technology that sets Colorado Pet Fence ® apart from the rest. The advanced pet containment systems are designed to keep pets safe within the boundaries, while still allowing them the freedom to roam and explore. The cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, blending in effortlessly and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

The atmosphere at Colorado Pet Fence ® is not just about the physical surroundings, but also the sense of community that permeates the air. Pet owners from all walks of life come together, sharing stories, tips, and advice. The camaraderie and support among fellow pet lovers create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that makes everyone feel like part of a larger family.

Colorado Pet Fence ® in Sedalia is more than just a pet containment company. It is a place where pets thrive, owners find peace of mind, and lifelong bonds are formed. The atmosphere exudes a sense of harmony and happiness, making it the go-to destination for pet owners in search of the perfect fencing solution.

Colorado Pet Fence ® Facilities

Colorado Pet Fence ® Feature & Facilities

Colorado Pet Fence ® is a leading fence contractor in Sedalia, offering a range of exceptional features that make them the go-to choice for all your pet containment needs. With their expertise and commitment to quality, you can trust them to provide a reliable and effective solution for keeping your pets safe and secure.

One of the standout features of Colorado Pet Fence ® is their state-of-the-art technology. They utilize advanced underground pet fencing systems that are designed to keep your pets within designated boundaries. These systems are not only highly effective but also discreet, ensuring that your property's aesthetics are not compromised.

In addition to their cutting-edge technology, Colorado Pet Fence ® also offers a customizable solution for pet owners. They understand that every pet and property is unique, which is why they provide personalized consultations to determine the best containment plan for your specific needs. Whether you have a small yard or a sprawling estate, their team will work closely with you to design a customized pet fence that meets your requirements.

Another notable feature of Colorado Pet Fence ® is their commitment to pet safety. Their underground pet fencing systems are designed to provide a gentle yet effective deterrent to keep your pets within the designated boundaries. They prioritize your pet's well-being and ensure that the fencing system is safe and secure, giving you peace of mind knowing that your furry friends are protected.

Furthermore, Colorado Pet Fence ® offers professional installation services to ensure that your pet fence is properly set up and functioning correctly. Their team of experienced technicians will handle the entire installation process, ensuring that the fencing system is installed to the highest standards. They also provide comprehensive training for both you and your pets, ensuring a smooth transition and successful containment.

Overall, Colorado Pet Fence ® stands out as a reputable and reliable fence contractor in Sedalia. With their advanced technology, personalized approach, commitment to pet safety, and professional installation services, they are the ideal choice for pet owners looking for a high-quality and effective pet containment solution.

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FAQ's - Colorado Pet Fence®

Colorado Pet Fence ® offers several types of pet fences to suit different needs and preferences. Here is a breakdown of the different types available:

1. Underground Pet Fence: This type of pet fence involves burying a wire around the perimeter of your property. The wire emits a radio signal that is picked up by a receiver collar worn by your pet. When your pet approaches the boundary, the collar emits a warning tone or a mild static correction to deter them from crossing the boundary.

2. Wireless Pet Fence: This type of pet fence does not require any wires to be buried. Instead, it utilizes a central transmitter that emits a circular boundary signal. The receiver collar worn by your pet picks up the signal and alerts them when they approach the boundary. Wireless pet fences are easy to set up and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

3. Indoor Pet Fence: If you want to restrict your pet's access to certain areas inside your home, an indoor pet fence can be a great solution. This type of pet fence uses a transmitter and receiver collar to create a virtual boundary. You can easily set up the boundary to keep your pet away from specific rooms, furniture, or objects.

4. Pet Fence Accessories: Colorado Pet Fence ® also offers a range of accessories to enhance the functionality and convenience of your pet fence system. These accessories may include additional receiver collars for multiple pets, battery replacements, training flags, and boundary wire repair kits.

It's important to note that Colorado Pet Fence ® provides high-quality and reliable pet fence systems that are designed to keep your pets safe and secure within the designated boundaries. Whether you have a small yard or a large property, there is a pet fence type available to suit your specific needs.

Colorado Pet Fence ® Pricing


Colorado Pet Fence ® is a leading provider of pet containment systems in Sedalia, Colorado. With a wide range of products and services, they offer pet owners a safe and effective way to keep their furry friends secure within their property. Whether you have a small yard or a large acreage, Colorado Pet Fence ® has solutions to fit your needs.

When it comes to menu prices, Colorado Pet Fence ® offers competitive rates for their products and services. The pricing may vary depending on the size of your property and the type of containment system you choose. However, rest assured that you will receive high-quality products and professional installation at a reasonable cost.

In terms of offers and promotions, Colorado Pet Fence ® occasionally runs special deals and discounts. It's always a good idea to check their website or contact their customer service to inquire about any ongoing promotions. They may have seasonal offers or bundle packages that can provide additional savings.

When purchasing a pet containment system from Colorado Pet Fence ®, it's important to consider the long-term costs. While the initial investment may seem higher than traditional fencing options, it is essential to remember that the system is designed to last for years. Additionally, the maintenance and repair costs are generally minimal compared to traditional fences.

As for ticket and parking fees, Colorado Pet Fence ® does not have any ticketing or parking systems in place. They primarily focus on providing pet containment solutions and related services. However, if you have any questions or concerns about their installation process or need assistance with any aspect of your pet containment system, their friendly customer service team is always available to help.

In conclusion, Colorado Pet Fence ® offers a range of pet containment systems in Sedalia, Colorado, at competitive prices. They provide high-quality products, professional installation, and occasional promotional offers. While there are no ticket or parking fees associated with Colorado Pet Fence ®, their primary focus is on ensuring the safety and security of your beloved pets within your property.

Colorado Pet Fence ® Working Hours

Dog Fence - Colorado Pet Fence®

If you're looking for a reliable fence contractor in Sedalia, look no further than Colorado Pet Fence ®. They have convenient working hours to accommodate your schedule. From Monday to Thursday, you can rely on their services from 7 AM to 7 PM. On Fridays, they are available from 7 AM to 7 PM as well. If you need assistance on Saturdays, they are open from 7 AM to 6 PM. On Sundays, their working hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM. With these flexible hours, Colorado Pet Fence ® ensures that they are accessible to meet your fencing needs at a time that suits you best.

Day Working Hour
Monday 7AM-7PM
Tuesday 7AM-7PM
Wednesday 7AM-7PM
Thursday 7AM-7PM
Friday 7AM-7PM
Saturday 7AM-6PM
Sunday 8AM-5PM

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Directions to Colorado Pet Fence ®, Sedalia

  Directions to Colorado Pet Fence ®, Sedalia

If you're looking for the best pet fence contractor in Sedalia, look no further than Colorado Pet Fence ®. Located in Sedalia, Colorado, this trusted company specializes in providing top-notch pet fencing solutions for your furry friends. To find their location, simply follow these directions: From Sedalia, head west on Highway 67 for about 2 miles. Turn right onto Elk Canyon Road and continue for another 1.5 miles. Colorado Pet Fence ® will be on your left-hand side, easily identifiable by their signage. With their expertise and dedication to pet safety, Colorado Pet Fence ® is the go-to choice for all your pet fencing needs in Sedalia.

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In conclusion, if you are looking to provide the utmost security and happiness for your beloved pet, look no further than Colorado Pet Fence ®. With their exceptional expertise and top-quality fencing solutions, they are the best fence contractor in Sedalia. Don't wait any longer to unlock the secret to a secure and happy pet. Contact Colorado Pet Fence ® today and give your furry friend the freedom they deserve, while ensuring their safety and peace of mind. Trust in their professionalism and dedication to creating a secure environment for your pet, and you will never have to worry about their well-being again.

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