Gypset Salon: Unleashing Your Hair's Inner Bohemian in West Hartford

Gypset Salon

Gypset Salon, located in West Hartford, is not your average hair salon. With a unique concept inspired by the bohemian lifestyle, this salon offers a one-of-a-kind experience for its clients. The talented team of stylists at Gypset Salon specializes in creating effortlessly chic and personalized haircuts, colors, and styles. The salon's trendy and eclectic atmosphere is designed to make clients feel relaxed and inspired. From the moment you step inside, you'll be greeted by the salon's friendly staff and treated to top-notch service. Gypset Salon is truly a haven for those looking to embrace their individuality and express themselves through their hair.

Name Gypset Salon
Phone / Whatsapp +1 860-206-3844
Category Hair salon
Full Address 772 N Main St, West Hartford, CT 06117
Country United States of America


Business Status OPERATIONAL

Boho Hair Bliss in West Hartford

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If you're looking to embrace your inner bohemian and transform your hair into a work of art, look no further than Gypset Salon in West Hartford. This trendy salon is all about combining the free-spirited nature of the gypsy with the sophistication of the jet-setter. From boho waves to intricate braids, their team of talented stylists can create the perfect look to match your unique style. Whether you're getting ready for a music festival or simply want to add a touch of bohemian flair to your everyday life, Gypset Salon has got you covered. So, unleash your hair's inner bohemian and let Gypset Salon work their magic!

Gypset Salon Atmosphere

Gypset Salon Atmosphere

Located in the vibrant town of West Hartford, Gypset Salon offers a unique and inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of bohemian chic. As soon as you step through the doors, you are greeted by an eclectic mix of vintage decor, lush greenery, and soft ambient lighting. The salon exudes a relaxed and laid-back vibe, making it the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The interior design of Gypset Salon is a visual feast for the eyes. The walls are adorned with vibrant artwork and tapestries, creating a sense of wanderlust and adventure. The cozy seating areas are filled with plush cushions and cozy throws, inviting clients to unwind and relax during their visit. The space is filled with natural light, enhancing the overall sense of tranquility and serenity.

The talented team of stylists at Gypset Salon are not only skilled in their craft but also passionate about creating personalized and unique looks for each client. They take the time to listen to your desires and preferences, ensuring that you leave the salon feeling confident and beautiful. Whether you're looking for a trendy haircut, a bold color transformation, or a glamorous updo, the stylists at Gypset Salon have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

In addition to their exceptional hair services, Gypset Salon also offers a range of luxurious spa treatments. From rejuvenating facials to relaxing massages, their skilled estheticians provide a pampering experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. The salon also carries a carefully curated selection of high-quality hair and skincare products, allowing you to continue the self-care experience at home.

At Gypset Salon, the focus is not just on providing exceptional services but also on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. The staff is friendly, attentive, and dedicated to ensuring that every client feels comfortable and valued. Whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor, you'll be treated like a part of the Gypset family.

In conclusion, Gypset Salon in West Hartford offers a bohemian-inspired oasis where style meets relaxation. With its eclectic decor, talented stylists, and luxurious spa treatments, it's the perfect place to indulge in a little self-care and embrace your inner gypset spirit.

Gypset Salon Facilities

Gypset Salon Feature & Facilities

Gypset Salon, located in West Hartford, offers a range of convenient features that make it a top choice for your hair care needs. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Gypset Salon accepts various payment methods to ensure a hassle-free experience. Whether you prefer using debit cards, NFC mobile payments, or credit cards, you can easily settle your bill without any inconvenience.

In addition to convenient payment options, Gypset Salon prioritizes accessibility for all customers. The salon features a wheelchair accessible entrance, ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges can enter and exit the salon comfortably. Inside, you'll find a wheelchair accessible restroom, providing convenience and comfort for all clients.

Gypset Salon also understands the importance of amenities for a pleasant salon experience. The salon offers well-maintained restrooms, ensuring that you can freshen up during your visit. Moreover, planning appointments in advance is recommended, allowing you to secure your preferred time slot and avoid any potential wait times.

For those arriving by car, Gypset Salon provides a wheelchair accessible parking lot. This feature ensures that customers with disabilities have easy access to the salon without any parking difficulties.

Overall, Gypset Salon in West Hartford offers a range of features that prioritize convenience, accessibility, and customer satisfaction. From various payment options to wheelchair accessibility and well-maintained amenities, Gypset Salon aims to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all clients.

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Gypset Salon is a unique and trendy type of salon that combines elements of both the gypsy and jet-set lifestyles. This salon concept is all about embracing a free-spirited, bohemian vibe while still maintaining a sense of luxury and sophistication.

The Gypset Salon experience is characterized by its eclectic and vibrant atmosphere. The salon's interior design often features a mix of vintage and modern decor, with colorful textiles, exotic prints, and unique furniture pieces. The space is designed to transport clients to a world of wanderlust and adventure.

In terms of services, Gypset Salon offers a wide range of hair, beauty, and wellness treatments. From haircuts and color services to facials, massages, and manicures, clients can indulge in a full pampering experience. The salon also specializes in creating bohemian-inspired hairstyles, incorporating braids, waves, and natural textures.

Gypset Salon is known for its talented team of stylists, who are skilled in creating personalized looks that reflect each client's individuality. They stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques, ensuring that clients receive top-notch services and leave feeling confident and beautiful.

The salon also prides itself on using high-quality, eco-friendly products. Gypset Salon values sustainability and strives to minimize its environmental impact. They carefully select products that are cruelty-free and made with natural, organic ingredients.

Beyond the salon services, Gypset Salon often hosts events and workshops that promote wellness, self-care, and creativity. These events may include yoga classes, DIY beauty workshops, or even art exhibitions. Gypset Salon aims to create a community where clients can connect, learn, and be inspired.

Overall, Gypset Salon offers a unique salon experience that combines the carefree spirit of the gypsy lifestyle with the luxurious touch of the jet-set lifestyle. It's a place where clients can escape the ordinary and embrace their inner bohemian while being pampered and styled by skilled professionals.

Gypset Salon Pricing

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Gypset Salon, located in West Hartford, offers a range of services to cater to your hair and beauty needs. Whether you're looking for a haircut, color, or styling, Gypset Salon has you covered.

When it comes to pricing, Gypset Salon offers competitive rates for their services. The exact prices may vary depending on the specific service you choose and the length and thickness of your hair. It's always best to contact the salon directly or visit their website to get an accurate idea of the pricing for your desired service.

In addition to their regular services, Gypset Salon often runs special offers and promotions. These can include discounts on certain services or package deals that combine multiple services at a reduced price. Keep an eye out for these offers, as they can provide a great opportunity to save money while still getting the quality service you deserve.

As for parking, Gypset Salon provides convenient parking options for their customers. They may have their own parking lot or offer validated parking at nearby lots or garages. Again, it's recommended to check with the salon directly or visit their website for specific information on parking arrangements.

If you're planning to visit Gypset Salon for a special occasion or event, it's always a good idea to book an appointment in advance. This ensures that you secure your desired time slot and allows the salon to properly accommodate your needs. You can typically book an appointment by calling the salon or using their online booking system, if available.

Overall, Gypset Salon in West Hartford offers a variety of services at competitive prices. With their special offers and convenient parking options, they strive to provide a pleasant and hassle-free experience for their customers. Don't hesitate to reach out to them directly for more information or to book an appointment.

Gypset Salon Working Hours

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If you're looking for a hair salon in West Hartford, Gypset Salon is a great option to consider. They have convenient working hours that cater to busy schedules. Gypset Salon is closed on Mondays and Sundays, but they are open from 10AM to 8PM on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. On Saturdays, they open earlier at 8AM and close at 6PM. This gives you plenty of opportunities to book an appointment and get your hair done at a time that works best for you. Whether you need a haircut, color, or styling, Gypset Salon is there to provide professional hair services during their operating hours.

Day Working Hour
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10AM-8PM
Thursday 10AM-8PM
Friday 10AM-8PM
Saturday 8AM-6PM
Sunday Closed

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Directions to Gypset Salon, West Hartford

  Directions to Gypset Salon, West Hartford

If you're looking for a boho hair bliss experience in West Hartford, look no further than Gypset Salon. Located in the heart of the town, Gypset Salon is a haven for those seeking a unique and trendy hair transformation. To find your way to this hidden gem, head towards the center of West Hartford and make your way to Farmington Avenue. Look for the vibrant storefront with a bohemian-inspired exterior, adorned with plants and eclectic decor. Once inside, you'll be greeted by the friendly and talented stylists who will guide you through the boho hair bliss experience. Whether you're in need of a fresh cut, vibrant color, or a stylish updo, Gypset Salon will exceed your expectations. Get ready to indulge in a truly transformative and blissful hair experience at Gypset Salon in West Hartford.

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In conclusion, Gypset Salon is the ultimate destination for those looking to unleash their hair's inner bohemian in West Hartford. With their talented team of stylists, cutting-edge techniques, and a commitment to providing a unique and personalized experience, Gypset Salon is revolutionizing the way we approach hair care. Whether you're looking to experiment with a new hairstyle, embrace your natural texture, or simply indulge in some self-care, Gypset Salon has got you covered. So why wait? Book your appointment today and embark on a journey of self-expression and individuality with Gypset Salon. The next level of hair transformation awaits you!

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